How to Turn On And Turn Off Tesla?

How to Turn On And Turn Off Tesla?

How do you turn on and turn off your Tesla? In the past few years, Tesla has changed the car industry a lot by making cool electric cars, Tesla cars are very cool and futuristic. But turning them on and off is not like other regular cars, they are different.

So, In this blog post, we will discuss multiple ways to turn on and off Tesla, and some more important things to keep in mind.

How to Turn on Your Tesla?

Turning on your Tesla is very simple and easy. When you open the door, the touchscreen turns on, and you can control everything on it. First, step on the brake pedal, and that turns on the Tesla for driving. When it’s on you can easily choose to drive or reverse it’s up to you. And if you have set up the PIN for driving, then definitely you have to enter the PIN on the Touchscreen before driving. So, The touchscreen shows all the important info about driving.

But sometimes, when you press the brake, Tesla does not recognize the key job and phone key. This can happen when the battery is low or dead and if two minutes passed since you used the key card. If this happens, put the key card near the cup holders, and it will start working again.

Always remember to keep your key, phone key, or key card with you. Because after Driving you need the key to start the Tesla again, And when you leave the car take your key to lock it, either It may lock automatically or by yourself.

How to Turn off Your Tesla?

Turning off your Tesla is very easy and quite simple because it is not like other regular cars. It does not have regular engines. Instead, they use electric motors that get power from a special card, key, or phone. When you are inside the car just press the pedal, put it in drive and you are ready to go. There’s no need for a complicated shutdown process like other regular cars. It is very simple and quite different.

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Exit the vehicle and shut the door

If you want to turn off your Tesla, then simply get out of the car and close the door.

The car will automatically stop the air conditioning and screen inside. If there’s nobody in the car, the air conditioning and screen will turn off. And the other functions in Tesla will stop working after 15 minutes of no activity. This might be strange for those who are used to hearing a car engine turning off.

Also, It is important to remember when you leave your Tesla and the key is not around the car, then the car automatically turns off to save the battery, and it goes into deep sleep mode, and things like touchscreen and air control turn off. And to wake up your Tesla, you can press any button on the key, or use the Tesla app on your phone,  and also you can step on the brake to wake up the touchscreen.

Features to turn off your Tesla 

Sleep mode

Sleep mode in Tesla is like when the car takes a little nap to save energy. In the sleep mode, things like the touchscreen and air control turn off automatically. This is another way to turn your Tesla off. It is a good option when you won’t use your car for more than fifteen minutes. But when you park your car for charging you can do this every day. To use Tesla Sleep Mode, tap Controls, then Safety & Security, and finally tap on the Power Off in the Tesla settings.

Power off

If you want to turn off your Tesla completely, then you can use the power-off button. To find this button, tap on controls, then Safety & Security, and finally, the car is Powered Off. It is like doing a reset, but when the car turns off, it won’t start again on its own. Instead, you will see a message telling you to press the screen or to press the brake to turn the car on.

These features will help you to turn your car off easily.

How do I know if my Tesla is in deep sleep?

If your Tesla is in deep sleep you can know about it when the car screen is off or the car isn’t responding. In deep sleep, the car will save energy by turning off some functions like touchscreen and air control. To wake up the car use his key, use the Tesla app on your phone, or step on the brake. This helps to save the battery when you are not driving the car and it makes sure that the car is ready for you when you want to drive.

Can you turn a Tesla car on while it’s in charge?

No, you cannot turn on a Tesla while it’s in charge. When it is plugged in and getting charged, all the driving functions on Tesla are disabled. This is a safety feature that ensures that there are no complications and risks with driving while the car is connected to a charger. So, if you want to turn on and drive a Tesla then first unplug the car and drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you turn on Tesla from the app?

Yes, you can Turn on Tesla from the app. To Turn on the car, log in and connect it to the car, go to Controls or Climate, and press Start. It’s a good way to turn on your Tesla remotely and adjust the temperature before you enter the car.

Can you control a Tesla with your phone?

Yes,  your phone can easily control your Tesla without any problem. It means that you can do anything like turning the car on or off and adjusting the temperature by using your phone, also when you’re not in the car.

How do you lock a Tesla?

Locking a Tesla is a very simple and easy process, Just exit from the car and make sure that all the doors are closed, and also take the car key with you. Then, open the Tesla app on your phone and tap on lock and your car will be locked.


In conclusion, turning on and turning off your Tesla is quite different from other regular cars. There’s no need to turn off your car like other cars because there’s no engine to start or stop. But there are a few steps to stop the car like, Sleep mode and power off button or just simply getting out of the car. Always keep the car key with you so the car knows that it’s you and can start again when you want to drive.

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